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Message Settings: Header

The header tab offers various ways to customize the avatar, heading & subheading of your message header.

By default the heading text will be author name & subheading will be their title. To edit the title, edit that authors users profile.

  • Choose authors - This field allows you to choose one or more authors whos avatar & optionally name will be shown in the header of the mssage.
  • Avatar layout - Allows choosing either inline or evenly spaced avatar icons. Inline allows them to have a defined avatar spacing or even overlap using a negative spacing.
  • Avatar spacing - A pixel based value for the space between each inline avatar. This can be a positive or negative value.
  • Author name format - Choose whether we render the authors display name, first name, last name or nickname.
  • Use custom headings - Enables defining custom heading & subheading text.
  • Heading text & Subheading text - Add custom heading text for your message.