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Message Settings: General

The default tab when creating a new message, this tab has the following settings:

  • What style of message do you want? - Auto or Click. Select if you want the full message to show automatically or only after a user has clicked on the headline/avatar
  • How often should users see this message? -  Every page/post load (user will see the message every time they visit a page/post where the message is designated to appear); Only once (after user closes the message, the user will not see the message again (unless they clear their browser cache)); Show once then hide message for X days (the user will not see the message again until X days after they close the message)
  • Time Delay - The time delay trigger allows you to set a time for the message to be automatically shown on the page/post. e.g 6 seconds. After a user has been on the page for your designated time delay period, the auto or click message will appear at the bottom right of the page.
  • Scrolling (only appears when scroll trigger addon is activated on site) - This setting allows you to show the message when the user scrolls a set distance or to a specific element. With distance you can select what percentage of the page a user must scroll for the message to be shown. With element you can use an Ahoy shortcode or a CSS selector to trigger the message.